Why Linen?

Why linen?


It's healthy.

Linen is naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, wicks moisture away from the body and resists stains. Linen is effective in dealing with inflammatory conditions, reducing fever, and common skin conditions such eczema. Linen also assists in a more restful night's sleep due in part to it's cellular structure which is nearly identical to that of ours. This similarity creates a soothing harmonic resonance.


It's practical.

Flax in Latin is 'being most useful'. Humans have been using linen for at least 8000 years. Silica present in the flax fibre protects linen against rotting. Linen is the strongest natural fibre in the world - twice the strength of cotton and three times that of wool.


It's adaptable.

Linen feels wonderfully cool in warm temperatures yet keeps one warm in cooler temperatures because of it's insulating properties. Heat conductivity is 5 times higher than wool and 19 times that of silk.


It's intelligent.

Flax does not require intensive agricultural practices such as irrigation and the use of pesticides. The processing of flax into linen requires no harsh chemicals unlike other 'natural' fabrics and as a textile is completely compostable. Linen is the only fabric safe enough to be left in the body after surgery because our body does not reject it, instead it our body can absorb the flax cell as if it were our own.


It's beautiful.

Linen ages with grace as it becomes softer and more supple with use and washing. It possesses a natural lustre and texture that is easy on the eyes and soothing on the skin.


Linen is Magic.