Circular Reflection

Part of my morning ritual is to read - to have a moment coming into the day where I transition into my work mind.

Today I explored @theatlantic - they have a series called, "Quoted" where I found a great little short film with Eileen Fisher - talking about 'Circular Design' which left me totally + completely inspired!
I would highly recommend checking it out: 👇

Upon the first seconds of watching + hearing her speak I felt in the deepest part of me an powerful + unwavering sense that I am on the right path - and how blessed I felt to know that.

When observing Eileen it is so clear how comfortable she is in her clothing and in herself - clearly reaffirming the power of clothing - the strength in simplicity and the magic of unadulterated beauty.

I knew who EF was but I hadn't seen interviews with her - and I suppose as an artist + designer I had to see + hear her to really crystallize her message.
I needed to meet her.

To see her triggered a reflection back to myself to check in and reflect.

And upon reflection I feel even more impassioned to keep putting one foot in front of the other and see what comes of it.

Thank you EF for being so damn rad!

Destanne Lundquist