About the designer


Destanne Lundquist - the creative energy behind Moss Grey - is passionate about textiles, sustainable + antiquated technologies, the wisdom of nature and conscientious living. Together all these elements can make for a beautiful + purposeful wardrobe with a compassionate + mindful approach to making garments. The love of natural fibres are what inspires the aesthetic of her work but Slow Fashion gives it meaning. All garments are handmade in small batches by Destanne in her Cumberland, BC studio. Moss Grey emerged from the desire to dress with elegant pragmatism, understated beauty, and practical longevity. Destanne is self-taught, obsessed with linen and tries to find a humble meditation in the act of seam ripping.


"Moss grey existed before I was even aware of it; born out of necessity and brought to life by the sheer desire to to sew beautiful clothing for beautiful women. I love to dress well, which doesn't mean fancy or complicated but found it very difficult to find what I was looking for.

I am obsessed with linen and fine fabrics of a natural nature which is not only hard to find but also challenging to sew with. I began researching and educating myself,  committed myself to the understanding that I was going to make many mistakes- as mistakes are pregnant with ideas. It was only 3 years ago that I finally began making my own clothes- out of linen.

Influences come from France, Japan and Scandinavia with the emphasis being on old lines and simple designs. I believe that clothing and style are not to be dictated by trends or media influenced aesthetics, rather a simple desire to be dressed well in clothes than can stand the test of time and wear. The flair of wearing simple attire is made personal by the accoutrements that a woman will contribute to the clothing – especially that of herself. Clothing ought not be the dominant element, rather her personality radiating from an elegant article that accentuates her beauty not be lost under it.

Natural fibres and humans have shared all of history together, and there is a natural symbiosis that exists. Clothing can provide the canvas for self expression. I am a self taught designer and sewer, forever being inspired and humbled by the modestly intelligent medium: fabric. Together with my love of natural fibres and traditional fibre arts as well as my insatiable curiosity of fabric from around the world I hope to incorporate my passion into a garment that one feels both comfortable and beautiful in.

I am compelled to make my own clothes and the clothes of others in a Slow Fashion. I choose the fabric, design the pattern, cut, sew tend to all the details. The true cost of the garment lies within the finishing details, the choice of fabric and the time for attention. For me sewing is an artistic expression and an absolutely pleasurable part of my life."

“When you don't dress like everybody else, you don't have to think like everybody else.” Iris Apfel

Moss Grey is a small batch artisan clothing label. All garments are handmade by Destanne in her Cumberland, BC studio where she sources high quality natural and traditional fabric to design and sew the clothes she loves to wear. Everything is designed with a simple, understated aesthetic which is intended to stand the test of time and wear.

The aspiration is for you to build a beautiful yet modest wardrobe. Making you feel comfortable and confident where ever you journey.